Amakashi-no-Oka Area

This low hill has an elevation of 148 meters. Mentioned in the Chronicles of Japan and other ancient documents, it is said to be where the powerful Soga no Emishi and his son Iruka had a mansion at the beginning of the 7th century. An observation plaza affords scenic views of the beautiful landscape surrounding the village of Asuka and the three great mountains of Yamato. A panoramic view of the mountains surrounding the Nara Plain can be seen in the distance.



Name Cost Capacity Address
Amakashi-no-Oka Area Kawara Parking Free Normal-size vehicles: 29
Handicapped spaces: 2
Kawahara, Oaza, Asuka-mura, Takaichi-gun, Nara Prefecture

Bicycle parking

Please park your bicycle in a designated area.

Multipurpose restrooms and break area

The multipurpose restrooms are wheelchair-accessible and provide changing sheets and baby chairs. There’s also a break area and water fountain.