Privacy policy

The following privacy policy is established concerning the handling of personal information at Asuka Historical National Government Park.

Personal information such as the address, area, age and mail address of users is received with the consent of said users through the site in connection with the collection of opinions and questionnaires.
This personal information, which is provided with free will, is used for the purpose of inquiries into the betterment of this administrative service and will not be utilized for any other purpose.
Also, this information is only used in a statistical manner and inconvenience such the divulgence of individual names without consent does not occur.
At Asuka Historical National Government Park, personal information is recognized as highly important information and the personal information supplied is protected in compliance with the “Law on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Administrative Organs” and other related laws etc.

Concerning the handling of feedback returned

Please note that the feedback returned through this site may be published in pamphlets and informational materials issued in Asuka Historical National Government Park in addition to in this website. In this case also, information by which individuals may be identified is not included.

Concerning the Access Log

Information on individuals accessing this site is stored in the form of an access log. The individual’s domain name, variety of browser, time of access etc. is recorded in the access log however information by which individuals may be identified is not included.
The axis log is utilized for the purpose of statistical analysis related to site usage conditions, maintenance and management, and is not used for any other purpose.

Concerning Cookies

Cookies are a mechanism by which a website provider can write and store temporary data on a visitor’s computer by means of a web browser. The computer can be further identified by referring to said cookies.
Amongst the data which can be stored is the number of visits by the user and the user’s browser display preferences (frame mode, standard mode) etc. The cookies may be used by the server program but even so, the personal information of visitors is not transmitted by the server. is also possible to disable the functionality of cookies in the browser settings.

Concerning the website measurement system (SiteCensus)

In order to continuously provide an easy to use and useful information service, efforts are made to aggregate statistical data such as fluctuations in the number of visits and migration trends between pages and understand access trends through the use of a website measurement system from Netratings (SiteCensus). Please refer to the following page for more details Privacy Policy) on SiteCensus.

Responsibility cannot be accepted for the standards for and details of the handling of private information by other sites linked to by the Asuka Historical National Government Park Site.

Asuka Historical National Government Park may revise the privacy policy in order to protect personal information further or accordance with the enactment or changes of law etc .

The information acquired through this site may be entrusted to authorized persons for whom it is necessary for the execution of their duties and in this situation said persons shall be obliged by contract to not leak or otherwise disclose said information and shall carry out appropriate management of information.